March 2017, El Paso, TX. Tigua Inc. is investing in our youth. The company has initiated a Youth Employment Mentorship Program. Although, in the planning stages it is already in the process of mentoring one Tigua youth, Pablo Silvas IV.
Pablo IV is a high school senior at Harmony Science Academy. He is currently being trained by Technology Department to support Tigua Inc.’s Information Technology (IT) needs. Since early 2016, he has been instrumental in creating PowerPoint presentations, maintenance of Tigua Inc. Facebook, and IT support. Pablo enjoys building computer’s and robotics and is committed to the Tigua community and its organizations.
Pablo Silvas IV demonstrates great enthusiasm and promise. He is the son of Pablo Silvas III and Maria Silvas. Pablo comes from a legacy of Tiguas and is following his family’s tradition of leadership. He is the great grandson of Pablo Silvas,Senior and Herminia Silvas. Pablo Sr. and Herminia were dedicated to the future of the Pueblo and in 1968 Pablo Silvas Sr. was part of the Tigua group that testified to U.S. Congress regarding the recognition of the Pueblo. Pablo and Herminia Silvas were selfless and worked tirelessly for the preservation of the Pueblo. The Tiwa Indians Act eventually led to the restoration and the development of the tribe.
Chris Munoz, Tigua Inc. Human Resource Director states that “by investing in youth training and workforce development we hope to create opportunities, teach transferable skills and create social impact at Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.” As Tigua Inc. looks to the future it hopes to engage youth as business leaders and visionaries. Its mentorship goals are to increase skills and capacity of youth; forge new partnerships with YDSP agencies that are working with youth; increase investments in youth; to build Tigua Inc. from within the Pueblo and to make the ancestors proud.