Ivan Cano is the Executive Vice President of Tigua Inc. Mr. Cano’s focus revolves around key customer relationships and leading the financial management of the company. Overseeing revenue plans while setting financial goals for the organization is a natural role. Mr. Cano provides the link between Business Development and Operations, making sure Operations can execute and deliver what Business Development promises to the customers, which is vital to long-term growth and of customer intimacy. Being involved with the daily management of the organization, while staying current with the changing competitive landscape, provides a crucial insight that is necessary to capitalize opportunities for expansion. Mr. Cano also serves as an extension to the CEO and President whenever the needs of the organization may require it.

Prior to Tigua Inc., Mr. Cano was with Special Intelligence Service (SIS). Mr. Cano served in the capacity of Deputy Director of Operations. During his time at SIS he primarily worked OCONUS on personal security detail (PSD) contracts for International clients. Focusing on project startup and execution in multiple locations and in some cases very hostile environments. Because of his financial background, Mr. Cano gravitated towards the role of liaison between the CFO and Operational assets working in the field. Given his Multicultural skills, Mr. Cano also provided the synergy between SIS Instructors and the various Latin American students during training operations at SIS’s Tactical Training Facility. Contract management was also a key responsibility for Mr. Cano at SIS that ranged from government to commercial contracts for both US and Foreign customers.

Mr. Cano also served the State of Texas as an Accountant and Business Manager under the UT System of Universities. In addition to the duties and financial responsibilities of the Accounting capacity at the University of Texas at El Paso, Mr. Cano was part of the committee in charge of transitioning the University of Texas at El Paso over to Peoplesoft. Mr. Cano was involved with the large-scale implementation of the new software. From working with counterparts across the UT System in order to identify issues and develop solutions, to providing individualized training and assistance to department heads down to small focused groups of administrative and business unit staff within the campus. Contract and Grant accounting duties evolved to more business manager budgeting functions that entailed monitoring use of financial resources and re appropriation of funding to better suit the forecasted needs of the departments and business units supported by his team.

Mr. Cano was the President & CEO of logistics company ICG Transport, which was founded in 2006. ICG Transport was a startup commercial transportation company engaged in logistical commerce across the United States. Mr. Cano was able to generate and maintain positive customer relationships, which opened new emerging markets. Mr. Cano’s business acumen backed by strong financial skills allowed ICG Transport to endure the fuel crisis that impacted the industry heavily back in the late 2000’s. Mr. Cano also partnered ICG Transport with Landstar System, Inc. and managed to leverage that partners network in order to grow and expand ICG Transport financially. Mr. Cano was able to develop ICG Transport into one of the premier partners within the Landstar System Network in the West Texas and Southern New Mexico Region. Mr. Cano holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Degree from the University of Phoenix.