Business Development Director, Tigua Inc.


Mr. Creighton joined the senior management team of Tigua Inc. in October of 2010 to serve as Business Development Director (BDD). Doug works directly with the Tigua Inc. Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer to identify and pursue strategic business and partnership opportunities in both the government and private sectors.
As BDD, Doug defines animplements long-term Tigua Inc. sales and marketing strategies while closely monitoring a broad range of changing market conditions. He created and oversees an in-house team of five Business Development professionals who use established processes in Marketing, Capture, Proposal Development, and Pricing to promote Tigua Inc. services to key government and commercial customers, including contract evaluators, departmental agencies, and other potential business alliances.
Prior to joining Tigua Inc., Doug served in the United States Air Force for over 30-years.  He retired as a Chief Master Sergeant and spent 13 years in Government Contracting with Native American companies, with the majority of that time invested in serving Tigua Inc. Through his many years of experience in military service and government contracting, Doug has cultivated extensive professional relationships with military installation procurement officials and federal agencies. 
Having its Business Development department based in Colorado gives Tigua Inc. access to a myriad of Government Agencies and Government Service providers. The Colorado Springs’ metro area is home to five military installations, including Fort Carson, Schriever AFB, Peterson AFB, USAFA, and NORAD. This high concentration of Government Contracting activity has attracted a large number industry leading companies to the region, such as Lockheed Martin, ITT, Northrop, Grumman, General Dynamics, EMCOR, Akima, NANA, and Aleut.
This thriving government contracting environment creates a strong demand for small business participation in “set aside,” contract opportunities. Tigua Inc. regularly bids on Government Services Facilities Operation and Maintenance contracts, Janitorial/Custodial Services, Landscaping, Pest Control, and other services. Leveraging Native American advantages, such as Mentor Protégé Agreements, Joint Venture, HUBZONE, and others enables Tigua Inc. to compete for and win our own contracts or to serve as a subcontractor to larger corporate service providers.
Future goals for the company’s Business Development Department include expanding into specialized fields such as Classified IT, Cyber Security, Base Operations Support Services (BOSS) air operations, and logistics.
Beyond his responsibilities as BDD, Doug has a genuine desire to mentor and develop young business professionals within the Tribal Community. He enjoys providing individual Tribal members with business development training and teaching them management skills. These training efforts have resulted in Tribal Member employment and management positions within the Tigua family of companies.
For more information about the Business Development and Government Contracting operations at Tigua Inc., contact Doug Creighton