Welcome to Tigua Wine


Now you can purchase fine wines produced in California that support the economic development of a progressive Native American Tribe. Welcome to Tigua Wine.
In 2015, Tigua Inc. released a new line of high-end wines to diversify our business portfolio. Tigua Wines are produced in collaboration with Ron McGinnis Winery, a boutique winery in Napa Valley, California.
Wines to Complement Fine and Casual Dining
The current Tigua Wine product line consists of three varietal wines:
Tigua Chardonnay “p’atheu” is dry un-oaked Chardonnay, with crisp notes of vibrant fruit and a hint of green apple flavors. Tigua Chardonnay “p’atheu’a weu” is a French oak aged Chardonnay with traces of mature tropical fruits and a luscious, smooth finish achieved through a secondary fermentation. Tigua Cabernet “Fei” is a complex, French-oak aged dark Cabernet Sauvignon with subtle notes of cherry, blackberry and raspberry flavors. 
Grapes Grown in California’s Legendary Wine Country 
Tigua Wine purchases its grapes from Mabry Vineyards and Amber Knolls Vineyards in the Los Carneros wine region. This world-renowned wine-making region spans the southern portions of Napa and Sonoma counties and produces some of California’s finest wines. The Tigua label represents premium wines —at mid-range prices.
Distribution Opportunities
Tigua Wines are now available to Native American Casino and Resort properties throughout the United States. These fine wines are also featured in our Pueblo’s Speaking Rock Entertainment Center and Tigua Smoke Shop in El Paso’s Mission Valley. Tigua is currently vetting potential Beverage Distributors to make our wines available in mainstream beverage outlets nationwide.
For more information and Dealer inquiries, please call 915-858- 4300. Or email us at: Melinda Anchondo